Some examples of our services, and not limited to, include: 

Strategic Workforce Planning
We support organizations in ensuring they have the right people with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time, to meet their strategic goals.
We design and develop onboarding programmes and materials to improve employee engagement and retention, and set a strong foundation for new employees to thrive in their roles.
Talent Acquisition and Recruitment
We assist businesses in finding and attracting top talent through effective recruitment strategies, candidate sourcing, interviewing, and selection processes.
Performance Management
We help organizations establish performance management frameworks that align employee goals with business objectives, conduct performance evaluations, and implement performance improvement plans.
Talent and Succession Planning
We assist organizations in identifying, developing, and retaining talent, ensuring a robust pipeline of leaders and a strong foundation for future success. We bring objectivity, specialized knowledge, and experience to talent and succession planning initiatives, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and implement effective strategies.
Manager Onboarding and Training
We develop and implement effective manager onboarding and training, enabling managers to lead with confidence, build high-performing teams, and drive organizational success.
Leadership Training and Development
We offer customized training programs to enhance leadership skills, foster professional growth, and promote a culture of continuous learning within the organization.
Employee Engagement and Retention
We develop strategies to boost employee engagement, enhance workplace culture, and implement initiatives that promote employee satisfaction and retention.
HR Compliance and Risk Management
We ensure that businesses are compliant with labour laws and regulations, provide guidance on HR policies and procedures, and mitigate HR-related risks.
Organizational Restructuring and Change Management
We assist organizations during periods of change, providing guidance on restructuring, change management processes, and communication strategies to ensure a smooth transition.
Individual and Team Coaching
We provide individuals and teams with the support, guidance, and tools needed to unlock their potential, overcome challenges, and achieve their goals.
Exit interviews
We design and execute exit interviews so as to provide organizations with valuable insights into employee experiences, organizational strengths, and areas for improvement. By listening to departing employees' feedback, organizations can identify and address issues that may impact employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

Looking for further Services?


Employee contract templates with confidentiality agreements



Guidelines that communicate important expectations, guide decisions, govern employment practices and create a positive work environment

Compensation & Benefits– financial & non-financial 

  • Customization of formal and informal recognition programs that drive high employee performance, business strategy and job satisfaction


Promotion Schemes

  • Alignment / creation of pay practices to drive desired behaviours and business results, creating internal and external fairness needed to attract and retain the right people


Stock Option Plans & Agreements

  • Tailor made stock option agreements
  • Advice and recommendations


Provident Funds

  • Customised provident funds 


Medical Plans

  • Advice on medical schemes
  • Due diligence analysis
  • Advice to execution


Restructures & Redundancies

  • Sound recommendations on restructuring, mutual agreement opportunities
  • Improve employee’s productivity via customised satisfaction questionnaires to meet the organization’s needs

  • Cut down legal costs by receiving  sound advice on employee  issues
  • In house legal advisor

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